BRICS emerging countries?

Does anyone reckon 5 mods should be created for the 5 BRICS countries?

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are all very interesting states; some of them are democratic, all with lots of challenges but high potential in terms of future greatness! What do you think?

Brazil, South Africa and India are possible as they are democratic. Russia has questionable “democracy”, and I think China is impossible sadly as authoritarianism is not compatible with the game “Democracy” as far as I can see. Is there an editor, or is it a case of picking through files to create these mods?

I’d love there to be a Brazil and South Africa mod!

Brazil mod is here:

India MOD is on the official MODs page.

I’m sure I’ve seen Russia mod elsewhere.

Ha, I knew it. Russia MOD is here:

The link was top fixed on the top three fixed thread.