[BUG-1.05] Double click battle crash

After the newest patch the game seems to be crashing after you double click one of your ships during a battle, it doesn’t give any crash log or error. Just the usual windows message.

Edit - seems to be challenges only, works in SP.

Hmm. I’m investigating…

If you saw my previous edit then ignore it - I just saw stuff that wasn’t there, my perception is a bit messed up today so I just wrongly saw stuff on the minimap. As I had edited though, it works in SP, crashes on challenges.

Double post for the win! But it might need this bump, as I’ve been messing around to discover something:

First of all, it started happening in SP. I’ve noticed that when I place 3 cruisers of the same type, then one cruiser of another type it might crash whenever I select either of the 4, although sometimes some of them work and some don’t, seems so far to be based on placing order and the last two crash. However, if I place 4 cruisers of the same type it works just fine. When I add one more cruiser of another type to the 4 it will crash only when I select the 5th one, the previous 4 do not cause any issues. It’s really random so I couldn’t reproduce it fully, but that’s how it works - it seems to crash whenever there are less than 4 units of one type. Oh, and often it’s just single click, not double

I’ve found it and fixed it. I might do another patch later immediately, because crash bugs are really bad.

Oh! I hope this fixes it… after getting v1.0.5 this morning I’ve had GSB blow up on me each time I’ve played a challenge with a crash. Wasn’t sure I was double-clicking anything though. Well, I’ll give 1.0.6 a try now to see if it is more stable. Thanks for the quick path release!