[Bug 1.10] Alt-Tabbing and other swapping problems

Swapping out of the game to go do something in Windows (I’m running XP 64, so maybe that’s an issue?) and coming back presents me with a black blank screen with menu bars and no titles, sound still going but no way I can see to recover.

Also, I can’t update to 1.11 yet. :frowning:

Lovely game though. Just got it two days ago and haven’t stopped playing.


I’ve seen at least one other report of that with Vista (not sure which) and I have the same trouble with Windows 7 64-bit. It’s a common problem with DirectX games.

I think I might have found some info on this. From debugdata/errors.txt:

23/9/2009 - 10::26 - D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
23/9/2009 - 10::26 - D3DEngine Restore Failed

This is repeated several dozen times in my log after having tried to Alt-Tab away and back.

And now, as soon as I complain a bit, it doesn’t do it anymore. :slight_smile: Yay bug fix?

My debugdata folder was empty, but that may be because I’d uninstalled/reinstalled to try to force the patch.