[Bug 1.81] Discounts for Uninstalled Features being applied to vehicles with all installed features

Here is a screenshot of the bug. The regular price of “Sedan B” is $21,000, it is being discounted by 15% to $17,850 even though it is not missing any features. In fact, the “Sedan B”(udget) model has not been changed. Another model “Sedan M”(id Range) has been changed.

I think that the bug is related to your Video Blog 113 where you “optimized” the code for determining uninstalled features by storing a flag. That flag is being carried over from a previous model that was in the same spot. (I.e. previously there was a car in the same spot which did have a discount, but it sold and a new car moved to that spot and the flag was NOT set correctly after moving up 1 spot.)

Note, there is also a thread on steam which describes this bug as appearing in 1.80 – here is the thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/591370/discussions/1/2733047810435188971/

I had this also at one stage, however when I restarted the game and went in to take a screenshot, the prices had corrected themselves.

I did find however that when I added a feature to the car, the cars already in the showroom that had uninstalled features were no longer getting a discount, despite the uninstalled features slider being set at 15%.

Any new cars that entered the showroom after the feature had been added that but still had it uninstalled seemed to get the discount. saving and reloading the game reset all car prices to the correct level.

Yes, the bug does fix itself with a reload. But as soon as you do another Model change and want to discount based upon missing features – the bug will reappear. I initially thought that a workaround where i created a new model instead of modifying it might work – but this is obviously not the way the game is intended and you quickly get a long list of models in certain screens – even if you archive them – and this is NOT ideal.

That said, reloading to fix an optimization that was supposed to speed up the game ACTUALLY makes the game slower and aggravating.

If it cannot be fixed, it might be better to just revert the change as I would rather have a game that is a bit slower than actually having to reload.


It seems like this bug hasn’t been fixed yet. So here’s a bump post :slight_smile:

I am not posting any additional details as what I am experiencing is the same case as @o6dukeleto explained.