[Outdated][Bug 1.28] Price for cars don't match

I was designing an expensive car in the car design dialog. I checked all features available and marked the car (Sedan EX) up to 55%. I finally reach the expensive threshold with $47,042. When the car reach the showroom it has a price of $43,042 and now in the mid range. I rechecked the design dialog for that car and it still shows $47,042. I thought the design dialog adjust the design price to common/rarity of car upgrades. So why the different prices?

Attached images of the two dialogs. As you can see the tooltip from the showroom does not indicate any missing car upgrades so they should be the same price.

Design dialog for Sedan EX

Showroom for same Sedan EX Model

I’m looking into this now, its most perplexing

edit:pretty certain its fixed in the upcoming 1.29 patch

I think the issue is with how the Models are defined. If you build a model and then change the options to say add the premium sound, things get real weird. The existing models in stock change to show that they don’t include the installed option, and you can’t change it back. Had to delete all the existing stock to resolve the problem. Also, if you build a model and they are in stock, and then archive the model, and then you say rebuild the model with the same name, the existing stock does not connect to the new model even with the same name, and then no changes in the price are reflected.

Basically, once you have built a model, you can’t make changes beyond the price. And don’t archive a model until they are all sold or you lose all control of existing stock.

And this was tested with 1.29.

It is definitely better but not completely fixed either. I started my last saved and noticed that it was much closer but not exact. I was going to take an screenshot but then I ran into another issue. My expensive cars had folding mirrors and they started to be put into the showroom without them. I tracked down the mirror issue to a bug I posted on another topic. I also have directional lights causing some stockpile issues but it looks like the research for it got removed. I wonder if that is causing the price differential issue that I saw.