[Bug]Crash Upon Admit Defeat or Battle End

I’m on 1.35 and have been noticing that the game has started crashing when the battle ends. Lately, it hasn’t mattered whether I ended battle early (Admit Defeat) or end the battle (win or lose). In each case, I try to go to the Statistics screen and get the generic “gsb.exe has encountered an error and must close”. It appears that the debug.txt file never changes.

Any suggestions?

The good news is that at least I get the rewards from the battle, but it’s a little frustrating that it keeps dying before I can see Statistics or anything else for that matter :frowning:

I noticed that the behavior seems to happen or not happen depending on what scenario I’m on–in particular, Lucifer’s Nebula.

Are any mods installed? If you start a new battle on that map and only use stock ships, does this crash still occur?
Also, can you paste any errors from the time these crashes occur from errors.txt here:
it’s in
\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug\errors.txt