Crashing to desktop.

Getting crashed to desktop, “gsb.exe has stopped working” while playing the campaign. Mostly seems to happen when i am building ships or heading into battle but haven’t verified that for sure yet.
I am running the collectors pack from steam and the campaign downloaded from here.
windows 7, 8 gig of ram, quad core.
I had the demo installed and uninstalled that and deleted the gsb folder in “my documents” as suggested somewhere on this board. That also deleted my progress so far, no biggie, honour is easy enough to farm up once you have a couple of decent builds.
The crash may have something to do with a corrupted design or something, i think the first crash was caused by fiddling around with a design while i was still using the older version, could be wrong tho’ and it does still happen when i am flying only new designs and only one type of ship.

Any clues?

Not without mroe information, if the game gives any erros messages, they are in \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug\errors.txt. it might be worth emailing any related debug file to