[Bug] Defender mode: Mech in unit selection (and other)

I really like this game so far and have already finished all of the campaign missions but one. Unfortunately I noticed some severe bugs.

  • First one is quite strange. In some games a mech will appear in the selectable units while playing defender mode. (See attached screenshot.) It happened the second time today, first time in V 1.04. The first time this appeared I clicked the mech which caused a crash to windows. I have been in the unit editor before starting the map, if that information helps.
  • I get quite a lot system freezes with sound freeze. Approximately every fourth time I have GTB running.
  • I have not yet managed to load an online challenge without a freeze at about half of the loading bar. (GTB can be shut down via task manager)

My system specs:
Win 7, 64-bit, Core2Duo E7600, AMD HD5670, 4 GB ram, Crucial m4 SSD, 1900x1200 resulution with max settings

Hmmm, thanks I shall investigate…

edit: That design seems completely mad, in that it doesn’t have enough slots. If you load up ‘jaguar assault mech’ in your unit design screen, what do you get?
You havent manually edited any designs in the text files have you?

I reproduced it. basically this happens if you load up one of the sample units, then edit it (in this case changing its hull and thus unit type entirely), then save it out, without changing the name.
The game gets confused because there are two designs with identical names, in different places and only one icon, which causes both the wrong icon to be shown, and probably other hilarity too :smiley:
I’ll make it so that can’t occur in future… thanks for reporting it, and just delete the identi-named design…

Glad I could help.
Regarding the third issue in my list I experimented a bit. So far I could not load two of the maps by user “Binz”. I chose defender at medium difficulty and scenario units which caused the game to freeze at about half of the loading bar. One of the maps was ID 10113 the other was 10090. I also tried 10109 by “cederic” as defender with scripted units which loaded and worked well.
(The second issue is probably my system itself. It tends to some instability after switching the main drive.)