1 question, 1 suggestion, 1 (possible) bug

Hi Cliff,

lovin’ the game. Great work and congrats to all involved.

The question: Are the unit chassis significant in any way other than aesthetic? I’ve just unlocked a small missile tower, but currently don’t have any missile weapons to mount on it and was wondering if I can mount cannon & laser barrels (which I can) on a missile chassis, why bother having different chassis types at all?

The suggestion: In unit design, when I click on a chassis component square, can you please filter the component list to only show valid items for that square?

The bug: When I hit the windows key, or alt-tab out of the game (to read the PDF manual, for example) and then trying to return to the game just gives a black screen and I have to kill the game using task manager. This also happens if I move my mouse onto my secondary monitor. (Running win 7 X64).



agreed on the suggestion

back on gsb we were able to choose from different tabs when designing ships…

that was nice, hope it can some back here…

This should be fixed in the first patch, hopefully coming this weekend. As I experienced it, it only occurs if you play a battle through to the end and get an ‘uinlock’ dialog. (long story…)