[Bug] Full size window is cut off top & bottom.

I have a Dell Latitude E5520 running Win Pro 32 bit with a native resolution of 1920x1080. I’ve been running the game in a full size window so I can Alt+Tab out when I need to. The problem with running in the window is the top and bottom get cut off a bit.

The top is not a problem but the bottom is cut off enough that I’m not able to see the date.
Over all I can live with it, as I can kind of make out the date if I look really hard. It would be less of a problem if the current date would show up somewhere else, like in the objectives window. The way I currently play I really don’t need the date but it would be nice to know at times.

I have same issue. Both in “Full screen” or Windowed".

Alt+Enter should make game full screen and fix it to you screen region - works like that in most games.

Alt+Enter alters the window slightly (in both full screen and windowed mode) but still does not allow me to see the full info at the bottom of the screen.