Bug: Game Font and Unit Descriptions

The right parenthesis: “)” looks like “}” in the game.

Commas “,” and plus sign “+” are not supported. But foward slash “/” and backwards slash “” are. Why is this?

When a design is loaded, the comments field remains unchanged (it isn’t cleared and it isn’t loaded in from the design).
Update: Then I played a game as attacker. Every unit that didn’t have a description showed the last description that I entered in the comments box of the unit designer.

Update 2: Later in the same battle, a ‘Flammen IV Flamerthrower’ turret that is included with the game appeared in my unit list while scrolling with the mouse wheel. As an attacker, I clicked on it to see what would happen. The game crashed. This was on ‘Hurtgen Forest’.

These issues should be fixed in 1.003