[BUG][MAC] Ingredients - Upgradeable effect functionality


I bought the game about a month ago and haven’t been able to play it due to this issue.
In ingredients section upgradable effect is not displayed and is not functional blocking the game’s progression. The normal effects below are displayed properly and they function however, for the upgradeable effects even when the right concentration is achieved the drug doesn’t function as expected becomes a sugar pill.
This issue also occurs during importing ingredients however, in this case it only doesn’t display the ingredient being imported and functions properly.

I’m playing version 1.01 version on a Macbook Pro (Late 2013)

I would really appreciate it if you could find a solution for this issue.

A painkiller upgrades between 7 and 10 using an evaporator. Try pushing your cure up to 7 if it starts out at 3 or 4, or down to 10 if it starts out on 13 or 14. Then use an evaporator on it to turn it into migraine

See tutorial 2 within the game which shows how to upgrade the painkiller to Eases Migraine.

Ok thanks a lot.

That can be a bit confusing the first time that you hit it, BDK. Hope you are all set now. Don’t hesitate to post again if you’re still having trouble, there are lots of very helpful people on this forum. :smiley: