Vers: 0.40.00 Problem with Upgrading Cures

Sys. Spec:
Win7, Intel I7, Nvidia GeForce gtx 970

I finished all the tutorial missions without problems.
Now I started the “Beginner Mission- Bottom Line”
There I tried to upgrade Cures the same as in the tutorial. But after setting the Pre-Requirements to its Values and used the additional upgrade processor after (for example the evaporator), the finished product will be crap and a shugar pill after the end.
I tried this in several ways and I study it in the tutorial again, but I can’t figure out what I’m making wrong.
Can you help me please?

Are you sure you’re changing the concentration ALSO AFTER using the upgrade mechanic so that you reach the right concentration ofor the new effect to take place?

I’m shure there was my fault. I will try out and if I don’t post again, this was it.
Thank you for your help so far :slight_smile:

My Language is not english. That’s why the game with he’s special key words is a bit difficould for me. And it seems that I’m a bit stupid :slight_smile:
Please can someone tell me what exactly I have to do or what I’m doing wrong?

  1. I have a Incredients of: Spiny Cloud fruid Smoke with a start value of 13
  2. He’s normal Cure is Antidepressant and has a active Range from 15-20
  3. We can upgrade it with a Dissolver to Combats ADHD with a Range from 7-11
  • I start now with a Ioniser on the Antidepressant and bring it down to a value of 10
  • I add the Dissolver and I recieve the small green hoke on the Info of it who shows me that the value is ready for the ADHD
  • Now I’m not shure what to make because If I gain the value to the one of Antidepressant (15-20) it keeps Antidepressant and the green hoke is gone
    In the Tutorial I can only find a simple exaple of this difficould part, who don’t help me in this difficoulder case.

You need to reduce the Concentration to 7-11 then put it through the dissolver.

So as follows.

13 at start.
10 after ionizer. (Now it can be upgraded)
9 after Dissolver. (Now it should upgrade to ADHD)

In other words - You need to get the “green hoke” and THEN run it through the machine it needs to upgrade - It can’t upgrade the ingredient until it’s “ticked green” beforehand.

Example: An ingredient with 13 starting concentration needs a range of 7-10 and an Ionizer to upgrade to Heart Stroke medicine. I can’t just put it through a single Ionizer to upgrade it, because it wasn’t at 10 or less before it went into the machine. I’d have to put it through two - One to reduce the concentration to the Upgrade requirement, and then another upgrade it for real.

Also remember that some cures require a catalyst to be upgraded - The green icon with two balls connected by a line, or the blue triangle ball icon. These come from Side Effects in ingredients - If your ingredient doesn’t have one of those already, you need to use the Multimixer (and possibly) Shaker to mix it into it.

If you’re still confused take a screenshot (print screen button) and CTRL+V it in Paint and save it online somewhere so I can take a look at what the requirements are and what you are possibly doing wrong. :slight_smile:

Remember you have to fix the concentration after upgrading to make the ADHD part active (lit up in green) - by decreasing/increasing it again.

Always make sure to double-check what machines is needed to upgrade further, because if you use that one to change concentration you end up with the wrong drug.

And no, even as someone who actually gets how the process works and got it right the first time, I don’t think the tutorial is thorough enough at explaining this.

I found my fault. It needs a catalyst to. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Good to hear you got it working. :slight_smile: