Political Power Cap

The Political Power Cap is too low, even if i only hire high-loyalty ministers, i’m not able to get the ‘Capital Controls’ Policy altough i’m very curious to what it does.

You can get a lot more political capital during the game if you have high voter popularity, or if things get bad and emergency powers come in. Other players have definitely managed to introduce capital controls (although normally only during an emergency :D).

Altough i literally got a 100% in the election that term, i still only had a Cap of 40 PP.
Maybe Ministers should increase the cap a bit more.

Also, maybe implement more ministers to chose from, since i rarely find enough ministers that get their loyalty from the voter groups i try to satisfy. In real life, a labour Government wouldn’t hire a capitalist minister either, so it should be possible to have enough to chose from, so you can fill the whole government with Ministers of your Party’s Ideology.

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I think one way to fix this might be to populate your rosters of ministers based on the name of the party you pick when you first start a game. Most of the names are clearly oriented towards socialist/centrist/conservative parties. The current mechanic doesn’t really make too much sense but it does add more challenge to the game.

Given that you can customise the party name, that might be a little difficult.

If it were really necessary to change this element of the game I’d just permit a reshuffle at the start of the game (since you are supposed to have just won election).