No Political capital?

I was just playing a round of democracy two and I noticed some of the turns I wasn’t getting political capital (yes, my cabinet members didn’t like me) but it said I should be getting like 9 or 10 points and I’m pretty sure I got none. Is this a bug?

hmmm. It could be, although I can’t imagine how this could happen. If you start a new game, does the capital roll in ok. You could send me the save game and I’ll have a look at what’s going on.

As far as I remember I got my capital for quite some time (and I seem to be getting capital on a new game), but then people started not liking me and I couldn’t fix the problems. X.X

I didn’t make a save game (I guess I should have), I do have an auto save but it was a turn before I hit the debt ceiling so I’m not sure if it would help. Maybe this is just my imagination but I think some of the turns I did get capital was the turn after I CHANGED something. But if I just left the policies alone I didn’t.

Interesting. If you can get a save game that reproduces it, I’d love to take a look at it.

Sure, if I find it happening again I’ll have to remember to save it.
I think this is the first time it happened though, and I’ve planned quite a few rounds. Might have been a glitch.
Out of curiosity, could it be that the coding of the game allows for partial political captial like 0.5? or 0.4 instead of 1 full point?

Sounds like you may have just maxed out your capital. If you’re only producing 9 or 10 per turn, the ceiling is gonna be pretty low…

What do you mean by “maxed out” I only had like 33?

The maximum amount of political capital you can hold onto at one time is equal to four times the amount that you are getting each turn. If you get 15 political capital per turn from your advisers, the most political capital you can have at one tme is 4*15=60. If you were supposed to be getting 9 or 10 per turn, then your maximum would be 36 or 40.

I’m not sure if that was it but it might have been. Thanks :slight_smile: