[BUG] Messages fail to stay deleted.

I am being haunted by 3 messages so far. I delete them, and they come back when I restart the game. What information is needed to find and squish this bug?
And there is a screen shot of the three in another thread.http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4036

Same bug here. 1 message comes back when I restart the game, even if I deleted the message right before.

Further… Messages seem to get corrupted… All three messages in my inbox say they come from me (they aren’t, of course.) Worse, the content of the messages is messed up. I read these messages before, and they don’t say the same as they did before (I think just truncated, but it may be worse.)

I’ve noticed the

Joke. The Truncation as well. Spifomie sent me a message and now it says that I sent it, and its been cut off.

And can we have a reply button.

Dang. I shall have to investigate.
And fix it…

As another comment on the messages. I don’t need to know when I’m playing my own challenges. Unless there is a Spy disguised as me. In which case I need to be getting my flame thrower…

Ah that’s a good point. I can’t replicate any problems with the challenges at my end yet, so I haven’t tracked down the problem :frowning:

yep, im getting the same messages again and again.

So far I found that oldmessages.txt in C:\Documents and Settings[b][/b]\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\web contains them, will try to delete it.

edit. nah, I only managed to delete some old messages but there is one that keeps appearing whenever I start the game (one that it says I issued a challenge to myself, I did a few days ago).
Also I noticed that when I run the game there always appear a file named like tmp746.html with different number. It’s content is only:message,Message is not ours! response,false,

How strange, I shall investigate…

I’ve finally tracked it down, and it will be fixed (hopefully) in 1.29. Pesky formatting bug…

I’m still getting this in 1.30, and my inbox has something like 300 messages (and counting) which keep coming back; dating all the way back into December. They were all deleted yesterday, and the day before that, and today. It’s happened quite a bit.

All deleted messages reloaded again today.

if you delete these files, does the problem go away:

\my documents\mygames\gratuitous space battles\web\messages.txt
\my documents\mygames\gratuitous space battles\web\oldmessages.txt

Yes, that got rid of them.

This solves the problem also for me.

Not for me.
Since 1.31 I started to get them.
I get all non-deletable messages again and again (including the one from 27/12/09).

I just got this bug.

Got 3 new messages, and about 7 - 8 others popped back into my inbox.