Ethnic Minority "bug"? and other thoughts

Ethnic minority composition has to be a problem and should be looked at. Playing as the USA, I have gone in 2 election cycles to 80%+ ethnic minority composition. This makes no sense.

This is not really a complaint and I appreciate the devs trying to identify every voter group in a more complex fashion but something is not right. Its a good idea to make each voter two or three different identity groups but I think some weighing needs to be considered. In my playthrough, I almost always piss off the capitalists and the motorists but it has become too easy to get 100% thanks to high education, health, environment levels.

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I agree. I pointed this out in the USA map balancing thread, but I’m glad that I’m not the only one bothered by it. I would think immigration just increases the population (and possibly increase the percentage membership of ethnic minorities.) But 100% membership makes no sense at all. Where did the Caucasians go? Did they disappear into thin air? Did they somehow transform into ethnic minorities themselves? I believe this definitely needs to be addressed before final release.

As you, others, and I have pointed out, the biggest balancing issue has to be voter groups, their drift, and approval dynamic.

My playstyle is to raise all the obvious traits of a society and really stop caring about ideology. I max out health, environment, education first. Then I try to achieve high productivity and tech. Maybe I’m missing the spirit of trying to get all the gimicky achievements. :stuck_out_tongue: