[Bug] Packed drugs can only relieve 1 patient

When selling packed drugs, only one patient can be relieved per pack. Since up to 4 drugs go into a pack, this negatively affects the cure rating. To reproduce sell x4 packages of drugs that are 100% (max strength syringe easy to cure disease) effective and note that though every sale increases the total administered by 4 (or 3 or 2 if you have a lower level packer), the patients relieved only increases by 1. To confirm I sold the drugs independently and had a 100% cure rate.

I see this as well.

Selling a drug via normal means produces a correct cure rating in the company tab.
Selling a drug via packs lowers cure rating over time.


I actually came to this forum trying to figure this one out and now know that this bug was the culprit; I had 3x boxed maximum strength painkillers with no side effects with an E- (-20%) rating.

As a side note for packed drug issues, I noticed many conveyor belt issues if I put the packer’s output directly onto a busy belt. For example, if the box was created one turn and didn’t have a belt to move forward onto immediately, the packer would not accept another item even though the machine’s door was open. I got around this by making long belts exiting from each packer before they merged into one socket. But, it definitely seemed like the packer should be able to continue working until it reached the normal situation for a machine not working: output is ready, no space for output. Tinkering with belts trying to get this to work also resulted in boxes disappearing and reappearing at sockets, but those bugs were harder to duplicate.

I hope the patient problem gets patched soon, though, that one is really crippling! And I like the idea of the packers a lot!

-Sketchy Medco

Thanks for the info guys, I will get this fixed.

This should be fixed from v0.45.02.