Bug. Private health care not affecting hospital overcrowding

As the title says. State health service reduces the situation but private healthcare dies not. Even when private health care is 100%


Yeah just posted this in my feedback too, makes the overcrowding issue very difficulty to deal with

This is intentional I think. It represents access to healthcare in the public system.

Hmmm, TBH even if thats the case, it still should reduce overcrowding to some extent. Patients in a private hospital are not taking up room in a state hospital. I just need to implement this carefully so that its not perfectly auto-balancing between the two, otherwise the hospital overcrowding event would never take place.

…so i think it does need some effect in there

In this case you’d have to have some way of representing deaths from uninsurance or people simply having no access to healthcare at all like with the American system. Crowding is reduced but that is due to rationing care via income.

Well in a sense, hospital overcrowding is that phenomena. It should just create more deaths (lower population?) and perhaps feed back in to create more hospital demand… because if the hospitals are too crowded for you to get a routine checkup, your illness will get worse… I need to check that effect is in there already

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Yes, it models a very UK model of lack of investments in the NHS creates hallway healthcare… though if you had an American model you’d also have to look at the effects of private insurance which is sort of quite different. You could perhaps model that with wait times whereas two-tier systems (like in Australia) reduce wait times for high incomes and greatly increase them for low-incomes. That may be covered by the crowding concept but then there is whole tricky subject of uninsurance and people simply dying because they cannot afford insulin.

See link below for death estimates: https://www.peoplespolicyproject.org/2019/07/15/bidencare-system-will-kill-125000-through-uninsurance/

I’m at 100% State health service funding and still have overcrowding? Shouldn’t 100% funding be defined where no gain can possibly be made by putting in more money? If my hospitals are overcrowded there difinatly is more to be gained.
Also state health funding directly reduces demand for private health, which makes sense, but not whene there’s overcrowding. Maybe overcrowding should also increase private health care demand