[BUG] regarding limpets launchers and laserbeams

beam weapon beams travel below limpet launchers installed on the same ship

proffesionaly renderred reproduction of Situation:


o : orrigin
O : limpet launcher
---- : beam
@ : target

I cannot say if this happens when firing across another ships limpet launcher

I have seen this happening with multiple turrets on various types of ships - usually Federation (because that’s what I usually zoom in to watch). So far I have seen beams cut “under” plasma launchers, megaton launchers, target painters and cruiser PD turrets (possibly more that escape my memory at the moment).

It’s kind of funny to watch a ship basically lasering its own weaponry off, even if that’s not what actually happens.

This is a rendering optimisation. It’s fixable, but not fixable without slowing things down slightly, which is fine with 10 ships, but with 400 ships on a laptop, its bad news.
I might find a workaround to fix it at some point, but thats why it happens, anyway.