Building a Neural Network on top of Democracy 4s simulation

I thought it would be an interesting project to develop a neural network with the aim to lead a country as well as possible according to some parameters. The simulation of Democracy 4 would be perfect for this because of how detailed and clear it is. Would it be possible to freely use the files found in data/missions and data/simulation to accomplish this (with the end goal of making the project and its findings public)?

I was not able to find a more direct way of communicating with the developer(s) thus I am asking here.


I think Cliff did do some playing around with an AI tester in Democracy 3.

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I don’t know if OP is already aware but the game basically is a neural network under the hood. Its not a conventionally structured one, because it was coded from scratch by me, but the code is structured with neurons and links between them (which in code we call neural effects, but they are basically synapses, governed by input and output throttles and an equation processor.

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