Business Failure! Kids Having Nightmares

I keep running out of money and losing.
I’m trying to look at the finance screen to find out why. Perhaps I need more detail, but I have a couple ideas that may help.

I think I could save electricity by turning off the stations in order.
Can there be a way to turn off stations so no more of that thing is done?
Can there be a way to limit the parts the stations are ordering? I am trying to get all parts from Stock Pile. If the station had to order only from Stock Pile perhaps I could control the inventory.
Was there a place to get the complete inventory of a car?

First I could turn off Chassis Assemble. This would prevent it from using power, and requesting more parts.
Second I could limit the parts ordered. I mean its holding inventory for X amount of completed chassis. The cars are not moving because of the backlog. So if I could tell it to have stock for X amount of cars, or only have 4 axles, 2 drive shafts, and 2 undercarriages then perhaps I could save some money on unusable stock at that moment.
I have cars sitting on conveyors. Then I could sell the cars I’ve produced so far.
I’d rather be able to sell the cars I have to make before losing. Perhaps if it’s going to cost like 5000 to finish all the cars, then I can turn off chassis assemble when I reach that point so it doesn’t make that 1 extra car and push me over the edge and I lose.

I know I may just suck at the game, but I’m just thinking of ways to get by so I don’t lose.

you probably need to charge more for finished cars. If they sell right away, you are underpricing them. The expenses tab on the finance screen should explain where all the money is going.

I guess it’s way too early to address balancing issues, but it’s really hard to even achieve break even. If you just start the small factory, and just lineup the basics, set the premium to ~25%, you will still go bankrupt due to a unsteady income. With the larger start capital, you can at least 200K to invest into the more advanced assemblies and build more line to boost the factory’s output frequency, but even then I could hardly increase my net value. Mostly thanks to researching power plant and driving that huge monthly cost down.

the initial slots are very unevenly matched. You will notice chassis get built much quicker than anything else. its worth pairing one chassis with 2 bodys and 2 paints to get things moving quicker right away.

How about some cheat codes for extra money while the game is in alpha/beta so people can test things out without having to worry about the money aspect?

If you really want to cheat, you can open the savegame with a text-editor, scroll nearly to the bottom, and find the line

<finances> <cash>4534125.50000000</cash>
replace the number with any amount desired and reload the save.

DO know, that this might corrupt your savegame, and even 4.5millions (in this case) can go down quickly