Business Failure!

The game shouldn’t just end when you reach - profit. No company instantly goes bust when that happens. You get given time to either get back in the black or restructure. First I’ve seen this because it appears sandbox mode has gone so having to start on the beginning map with little room.

Also would be good, as we get to do in Capitalism Lab, is at the point of bankruptcy we get the option to sell off assists to make up funds to bring us back from the brink.

Hey., You can still edit maps, which is as close as we ever were to sandbox mode. We certainly haven’t removed anything.

In reference to ending, the game WILL offer you a ‘crisis’ loan now on the game-over screen, but only if one is available. In other words, if all the banks have already loaned you money, you are not able to be bailed out. That was introduced a few updates ago.