Buying Problem!

I have been intrigued by Kudos and i am new to this forum, i have tried buying kudos but i have a problem, the only way i can pay is through paypal, although it is available i get a page cannot be displayed message everytime i try to pay through paypal from any site on the internet, so i am wondering if i can pay directly through, but i need to know if the maker of this game will help me with thi, provide the information i need to send it direct through the paypal site and send me my license once the payment clears. if this is possible let me know thanks.

hi, what web browser are you using? it might be that some internet security setting or firewall etc is preventing the page opening correctly, as it should be a secure page.
The only way to pay at the moment is through plimus (payment processor), but if you are having trouble, you can email and ask them the problem, they are suprisngly helpful and quick to reply.

I know if you use ZoneAlarm and have Firefox, Paypal can get cranky and not work right. Try using IE if possible.

Thats weird. I use zone alarm and firefox and its ok, although I’m using the free version of zone alarm. maybe its a specific security setting?

Yes I believe it is the pro version only and only if something specific is checked. I can’t remember offhand since I use the free version.

I am using IE but it’s not the computer or browser, it’s our modem cable, we have problems with plenty of sites, saying we aren’t connected to the internet, and even trouble signing into windows live messenger(almost impossible), and its even like that on my brand new labtop but using the same modem cable as my computer so that’s probably why. And also i can’t send emails, well i can once in a blue moon but usually that doesn’t work either lol.