Camera controls are really bad

There are 3 main camera controls and every one is flawed

WASD + PageUp/PageDown : Keys are too far apart (R/F or Q/Z for QWERTY would be fine). No settings for acceleration or speed. (It’s way too slow for me)
Left Click + Drag: Can’t do it while holding a slot to construct, only works on factory floor. Interference with “selecting” things in the factory. If you accidentally click on a purchasable lot, it will open a popup and jump the camera to the center of the lot.
Edge Scroll: Parts of the ui block edge scrolling in certain directions (can’t move to top-left for example), too slow and no settings for acceleration or speed. Doesn’t really work well with multi-monitor setups.


  • Move the zoom in/out buttons to left side of keyboard
  • Implement user-settings for viewport speed, acceleration and zoom speed-multiplier (the zoom factor decreasing scroll speed)
  • Change drag-scroll to right or middle mouse button, a button without any other function but drag scrolling.
  • Add option to restrict cursor to window, allow users to assign a keyboard/mouse button to “force” edge scroll regardless of what’s under the mouse

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I should point out that mouse wheel also zooms and is by far the best method if you have a wheel mouse.

A way to please everyone would be to have keybinding in the options. Then everyone can use a layout that works the best for them.

+1 on this unless there’s some secret way to change it which I haven’t discovered!