Campaign Saves - how do they work?

How do campaign saves work?

I won a battle and had a bunch of captured frigates. I scrapped them, went to the menu which the pop-up claims saves the game), reloaded, and had to scrap them again.

Conversely, when I get hit by a fleet and lose, I want to reload, not carry on, but can’t see how to do so. How does one save and load games?


From my experience - it only saves the post “Turn” state. If you move ships but don’t hit “Turn” those moves won’t be saved.

Also there is no state of the game other than the current turn - you cannot play from a point in the past.


By the way, Ramcat, it is cool seeing battles show up that you have beaten repeatedly. When I get the ones that no one has played, that’s when I know I’m screwed. :slight_smile:

Is there any plan for a “save game” button to exist for the Campaign Game going forward?

I should probably have added that …well yes I realize there is a certain “No going back from bad decisions” which is great in many games…just want to know if this is the concept going on with GSB Campaign mode as it will arrive to us in it’s full glory.