Can I buy Galactic Conquest here if my GSB is on Impulse?

I have GSB with all the race DLC currently on Impulse. Now that it is owned by GameStop, I have no desire to continue purchasing games through them.

I would like to buy Galactic Conquest.

  1. Do I have to order Galactic Conquest DLC on Impulse if the original GSB is on Impulse?
  2. If I order GC through you directly, will links be provided to download and activate GSB outside of Impulse?

It shouldn’t matter where you buy the various stuff, it should all interconnect IF you install it correctly (you can laways redo it if you get it wrong). Basically you need to install the DLC to wherever the impulse copy of the base game is installed.
The GC add-on will need your serial code (format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-X) and you already have that from the main game, I think impulse email it to you.