Can we get more things that reduce the Liberal membership?

How many policies reduce Liberal membership? I find it very hard to deal with Liberals in every country.


Liberals are horrifying. If I don’t please them, they will try to assassinate me over and over + Half my ministers loyalty dies.

Not a comprehensive list, but from the top of my head:

  • Start teaching Creationism in schools.
  • Get rid of that pesky racial equality legislation.
  • People who fear crime go Conservative; pander to that fear by encouraging gated communities!
  • Freedom loving liberals are all about crazy non-married loving; encourage marriage through the tax code!

Also, if you install Elinor’s most excellent LGBTQ mod, you can further clamp down on that free-spirit loving by making same-sex relations illegal!

…You may have deduced I dislike the Conservative bloc :stuck_out_tongue:

Those sliders at the outset are pretty important right? I don’t really know how to interpret them but i put “socialism” down to about 15% at the outset, because i felt that was an honest approximation of the real number. I am doing this whether i am playing “as a liberal” or not. As far as i remember, liberal/socialist/state employees percentages have been consistently higher than they are in the real world, so i know what you mean.

I would have to look but i played US as “What would Ted Cruz” do - to my suprize i got re-elected and was pretty much squshing the socialst, unionist and liberal populations.

CCTV are good. pretty much anything law and order or censorship oriented.