Can you revitalize a romance after you break up with someone

I keep having romances, but after awhile they break it off. Can you start going out with them again after awhile? Anything special you should do? :smiley:

If they haven’t disappeared from your screen, it is in fact possible to salvage the romance, or at least a friendship. You will need, however, to spend several days socializing with the person one-on-one with events they enjoy and build up again. I don’t know if they ask again to go out with you, but I would think that they would.

If your romance is still on, but waning, and you aren’t having a whole lot of time at the moment to socialize (romantic dinners, romantic movies are the best for a girl/boyfriend), you can purchase a gift (the wrapped box) and they will, in my experience, respond happily to your thoughtfulness.

The main ‘trick’ to keeping a romance going is to see them a lot.