cannot save deployment for a challenge

To reproduce:

  1. download a challenge - I chose “No shields, No problem” (name possibly not exact)
  2. click Fight
  3. save deployment - immediate lock-up, requires forced termination from Windows

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Intel Core 2 Duo
nVidia Geforce 8800 Ultra GTX
2 GB of RAM

I should note that I have no problem saving my deployments in “Battle” mode thus far.

I cannot reproduce this, it seems to be working fine here. Are you missing out any steps?
any modding taken place?
I’m going to challenges, selecting that challenge and hitting its fight button, then immediately clicking save, and the save dialog comes up, and I can then save, although currently thats an empty fleet.
Is it when you save an actual fleet?

thats what i’m guessing…