Can't find the prefs.ini file

Yes, I stupidly changed into windowed mode and now can’t see the menu buttons to change it back. Yes, I am new to Linux and GSB. I bought GSB in the Humble Bundle weekly sale today and I’m running Fedora 18 on an HP laptop. I installed the game into a directory on my Desktop where I keep games from Humble Bundles and I’ve looked around in the folder there and haven’t found the prefs.ini file to change back into fullscreen. I’ve searched for it in “all files” but it hasn’t come up and I’ve reinstalled the game but it stayed in windowed mode.

Thanks in advance,

“Alt + hold clicked anywhere and move” moves a window in almost all window managers. Move the window so you can see the buttons…

I dont’ know wich OS you have.
In Ubuntu 13.04 the prefs.ini file like the others .ini files is in ~/.positech/GBS/ folder

Thank you!­