Can't seem to get extra turrets working(Solved)

Okay, so the Uni-T mod uses extra dds files (like turrets_unit_heavy) to store its many turret designs, so I’m trying to use an extra dds file of my own (turrets_coll_spec) to store excess turret designs for my own Collective mod, however, whenever attempting to enter the post battle statistics with a ship using one of these turrets, the game seems to try and find a matching Federation design to show, then crashes upon failing to do so (for comparison, Uni-T ships in post battle stats show Federation designs for their standard weapons, but show the Uni-T designs for extended, heavy, and rapidfire weapons). What am I missing?

Open up any one of the heavy files and look for
icon = (sor something similar)
This is how i get around the problem

For further details look here Instructions to make your modded weapons compatible with the battle stats screen

Had to look around a bit to find the right section, but changing the icon = … in the text file to reference a dds file got it working properly. Thanks!

In the meantime, The Collective is coming along nicely, and should hopefully be ready for release some time in May.

Welcome, once you know where to look its easy - the problem will be if you have to change 100’s of modules (like i did)
If thats the case i can strongly recommend using scripting language (like perl, python etc) or even a bulk text editing tool that has macros (ultraedit)

Sweet, new mod - cant wait !