Car tycoon features

Hello all.

i am sure you all played the old game “Car tycoon”, if not you should and some of the features should be added to this game aswell. … ejNQ40Zi8M:

the “world” in wich your cars exist is just pure awsome and the challange is realy nice.


Yes, this game was really awesome. It had just some flaw, which enabled you to basically print money:

  1. double the price for a a car in the factory
  2. give 50% off at car dealership
  3. ???
  4. profit!!!

But the game had some pretty cool features, buying additional factories and car dealers, workshops, different car models, supply/demand, technology supplier

while we are at it, I want to point at another game (not advertising it): automation - the car company tycoon
it is in steam early access and goes really deep into engine developement. the “tycoon” part is really…well it is not really there yet

Combining these two games with production line would be awesomeness overkill

automotion i a really hard game in many senses, i have it on steam but i hate it due to the high complexity of making the actual car. i would like to add complexity to this game but not on the cost of game play. complexity should just make it more fun, not impossible

They are talking about ‘car tycoon’ not ‘automation’.

I like automation, but I agree that it is quite difficult, especially for those who have little to no knowledge about engines.