Different car designs, Upgrade managements + Questions

Okay, I downloaded this game a few days ago after falling in love with it from watching a lets play on you tube. After about 4 straight hours of playing and realizing the bankrupt and fail mechanic and successfully getting an efficient car factory it lead to a few thoughts and ideas on the game most of these haven’t been thought to the sense of if it possible but again just a few ideas.

1 - Car design and upgrades
One thing popped out to me almost instantly that there is only 1 design so far in the game. Granted this is early alpha and I bet new designs will be added but this lead to me thinking, Before the chaise building stage there should be a design section or a manufacturing management system this in effect could control how the car is designed from the looks to the, to the engine and extra features. This would reduce the hassle of finding each of the individual stages and selecting the upgrades. (side note I have no game making experience and have no idea if this is even possible).

2- A story mode or a more up-gradable production system.
This is another thing that stood clear to me the production line looks modern day-ish and that’s fine but what I would like is a story mode or starting back when production lines were more workers instead of machines and super brainy robots, This would give opportunity to have a staff employment system E.G Workers, researchers and possibly mechanics??

3 - Customers and reviews
I seen this system on Game Dev tycoon where the Games created would be reviewed and given scores, This system could be adapted and would work well within the game, The higher scores that are given more of that car will be sold and thus giving a bigger name for the companies and the popularity of the company can unlock things like extra buildings or better advertising. The customer side is again like a review system customers say whether or not they like the car so this has a big effect on the popularity (both systems don’t have to be put in the game this is just suggestions for a system like this.)

4 - finance management
There is some sort of finance management in the game already but improvements on this could be made. One idea i did have is this system that could control wages and different actions cause different events. E.G The workers are given low wages and a result of this could be "The workers walked out on Strike’ so workers happiness could be another system and another way to fail the game.

well that just leaves my one real question about update to the game. is this done automatically when i boot up the game or do i have to do something to update it?

Obliviously id like feed back on my ideas and whether or not any onf them ae possible to put into a game like this.