Cars stuck in quality check loop

Uh, thought I’d try to setup my conveyor system to handle defects early on and now my cars are stuck in a loop. So even though they have already been to the quality check station, they continue to go back instead of going to the exporter.
RIP profits.

Shouldn’t the cars be limited to 1 visit?

Not neccessarily, since several cars goes out after being checked for defects and being “repaired” whithout being really repaired (maybe it isn’t possible after the car is finished). If you quality check the car again and the defect is still there, it starts another loop.
If you wish to limit the visit of quality check and defect rectification to 1 visit, why do you check the “rectificated” cars a second time instead of just let them go (with possible defect or not) to the exporter?
In your example-design you need to position the quality check before the defect rectification module.

But yes, a visit limit-flag for every car maybe possible as well. But it’s less transparent for users.

It looks like if you just remove that conveyor that connects the line feeding the inspection loop and the line into the shipping lane it will work fine. So remove the bit that is 3 forward and 1 up of the teal car exiting the inspection area.

What I would do is put the inspection loop, then repair defect, then inspection again right after, then a smart junction that only sends defects back through the repair loop.

This is after all the defect slots have been researched.
But I have two visual inspection stations that feed into a smart junction.
It moves them right if they have defects.
Then i fix the defect and then inspect them again.
If they are good, the conveyor moves them right. If bad it feeds into the next slot straight ahead.
I do this at least 3 times to keep my defects at 0.