[Bug alfa 1.54] Crossover conveyor not a 100% crossover

The crossover conveyor does not always let the car crossover in a straight line to the opposite side.
In my factory I have a conveyor from “fit electronics” to “Quality Check” and the output from “Quality Check” (after a split to wards “Rework”) crosses over the input conveyor to go to “Export”. On the input conveyor all seems to work fine but on the output conveyor the cars most of the time take a turn on the crossover and return to the input of the “Quality Check”.

Please give the crossover some special handling so cars always cross it in a straight line, and keep it clear in case of queuing so one direction does not gets blocked when the other line fills up with cars.

On the other hand 2 incoming conveyors and 2 output conveyors where each input can go the each output can be handy too, but such a crossing should have a turn table.

well that cant work. The crossover conveyor is more like a junction that let’s cars go either way depending on which direction you pull the conveyor. You can therefore have 1. enterenace and 3 exits. For example from Paint to Dry paint.

If you want to make shure taht the cars go in a specific direction, use samrt junctions. If you experiance this problm it would be better if a car would have the logic to go toward Export unless it encouters a smart junction and has f.e. a defect.

I disagree the crossover functions only as a 2 in, 2 out conveyor. The three way split has a turn table.

Smart junctions are not a solution either (at least at the moment) as you can’t select the direction based on production stage.

In my case my car had come through a smart junction earlier (took the no defects direction) and should be on its way to export but takes a turn on the crossover to return to the visual inspection station.

In any way the name and image of the crossover conveyor tells me this element was intended to only convey in a straight line.