cat toys

What is the purpose of the cat post and cat bed? Just a waste of money? If my dog can’t sleep in a dog bed, then that cat isn’t sleeping in a cat bed. I’ll sell it. :slight_smile:

I thought they both made your cat happier. There’s nothing in the assets.csv file that gives it any qualities, though. (Well, other than “Stealable” but who would want to take a used cat bed??)

Actually it helps further decrease your stress levels per day that come from owning a cat. So they are very useful, I think the idea is the happier the cat, the more they de-stress you. The reason there isn’t a dog bed is probably because owning a dog doesn’t decrease your stress level and also most dogs(I could be wrong about this) don’t sleep in dog beds.

Our cat believes that her bed is whichever one is unoccupied at the time. If they’re all occupied, she makes room for herself by walking over legs, feet, or (sometimes) torsos and faces so that we move out of her way. Let me tell you, getting woken up by a cat walking across your face at 2:00 AM is not exactly stress reducing!