I havnt gotten the fish yet but with the dog and cat I will occasionally get a message when I get home from work telling me that I havnt spent much time with them. Exactly how do you spend time with them? Has anyone figured it out. I found that with the dog, you automatically take him for a walk in the park but im not sure if I stopped getting the messages then or not. With the cat I have no idea. Can anyone help me out here?

Spend more time at home…watching tv, etc.

I just had a thought, is it possible to have more than one pet at a time? Im going to try it here soon but I guess the real question assuming it is possible is do the pets fight one another if you do? (Dog chases Cat, Cat tries to eat fish. That sort of thing?)

You can have all three pets at the same time, if you can afford them. I haven’t run into the pets fighting each other, so I don’t think that’s in the game. (If someone HAS run into this, by all means correct me!)

Bear in mind that people who are allergic to either cats or dogs will not be able to visit you if you have those pets, and you’ll need food for all three of them as well.

I would like the ability to sell pets. In real life I love my dogs, but in the game I got tired of listening to the barking.

Hi Tea!

From memory, if you edit the Kudos 2\Simulation\Assets.csv file, one of the last values for each asset is whether it can be stolen or sold. If you look for the pets’ entries you could (assumingly) just add the “sellable” value to those entries.

Always backup your .csv files before editing them :slight_smile: I’d suggest using Notepad to edit the .csv files. If you get stuck, I’ll test it myself after work and get back to you.

Wayno, chowing down on watermelon

In the same file - assets.csv - theres also a sound listed “dog_bark.ogg” You could try removing that and see if the dog shuts up :slight_smile:

The dog is the first item starts with: #,sim_dog,dog,Dog,pets… etc etc

Thank you both for the info!

I think if you leave the cat hungry he will eat the fish.

Letting them go hungry for too long will make them run away