"Cruiser Spam" challenge

Don’t have the details of who posted this one in front of me (posting on a Steam-less computer), but . . .

I have tried this challenge 50+ times with every fleet and race and design I can think of. Cannot crack it. Indeed, I lose the exact same way every single time: I kill exactly 4 ships, then am Cruiser-Lasered to death at zero range by cruisers that are suspiciously fast AND heavily armored. Is this guy cheating or something? I mean as it is, it’s a stupid challenge because he gets 2x as many points as I do. Still, supposedly a few people have won it and I think having done my level best I deserve to know how.

if you really want to beat it find and download the gundam mod, all jokes aside, i’m not the one you want to ask

I am interested to see this challenge myself. It would be helpful if you could post a follow-up here with the challenge number.

Ditto on this. Can’t seem to find the “one” you are looking for?

I do not see any fleet that has had 50 some attempts in the recent weeks.

Up for a challenge.