Challenge 'Not Possible...'

Several of the challenges give an error message indicating that there is missing content. It goes on to say to check with the GBS website for any content updates. I’ve already got the Tribe pack, so what is yet missing?


I assume this to be a bug, and I am investigating…

This would seem like a good place to mention that after trying to download / fight an ‘added content’ challenge the “sorry!” message won’t budge from the screen: you need to exit the game to kill it. Or at least that’s what’s happening to me.

It looks like this is happening if someone with an older version of the game tries to post a challenge when they have the tribe installed. Steam should be auto-patching soon and that should fix most of them. Unfortunately existing (wrong) challenges will still be there unless I delete them.

grrr. this is happening to me too, and with EVERY SINGLE ONE. i think it’s the opposite. I have mods that the OTHERS don’t have. i have everything they have, so i think that you should go back to the thing that happened before, where you can ACTUALLY PLAY CHALLENGES IF YOU HAVE MODS INSTALLED. >:(

This was a bug, but it will be fixed in version 1,.27, either today or tomorrow.

yay! :smiley:

I have 1.27 w/Tribes, and I’m still getting the not possible because of extra content error whenever I try and play a challenge w/tribes. I can play the tribe levels and use tribe ships of my own, just not the challenges.

Did you get it recently? If you got it about a week ago, then download Tribes again. If I remember right he updated the original installer a couple of times for minor bugs.

The bug may well be this:

Look in your 'data\packages folder. There should be two files, one gsb_base and one tribe. Open them both in notpead. the base one should be the same format as tribe, and look like this:

[config] name = gsb_base uiname = "Core GSB Game"

If it doesn’t, edit it and save it, and it will be fine. (from those challenges onwards)

That fixed it, thanks!

This still happens with some older challenges (posted during late beta) but also with replies to those challenges.