[bug] tribes - erronous 'not possible' challenge (new one)

I encountered another ‘wrong content’ bug (I’ve already applied the fix for the similar problem we had the previous bug report up for, where there was an extra checkbox due to a file having the wrong data.)

If I send myself a challenge with Tribes not selected then I am unable to play my challenge - it says the challenge was issued with content I do not have. If I send myself a challenge with Tribes selected, then it works fine. If it helps, I’ve sent a challenge to ‘cliffski’ with the descripton ‘example of bug, tribes not selected, see forum post’ so you can see if there’s something wrong with the challenge.

This is an issue, as (1) you should always be able to play a challenge you put up yourself… (2) It’s quite important, IMO, for a player who bought Tribes to still be able to post up challenges (using the original content,) for non-Tribes players to take on.

Can anyone else reproduce this problem? I haven’t gone as far as trying to reinstall GSB+Tribes yet.

Lots of recently posted challenges are unplayable for me. I applied the fix posted earlier and deleted my challenges posted between when I got Tribes and when I applied the fix, but either there are lots of folks who haven’t done this or there is another related bug.

Figured something out, maybe.

I posted the same challenge twice (“If you can’t beat em, join em”). The first time I didn’t check the “Tribes” box because I wasn’t using any Tribes content. I can’t download that one, even though I just posted it.

The second attempt I checked the box and it downloads fine.

I also can’t download an older challenge of mine that worked fine pre-Tribes. I had downloaded and played it before myself. Now that I have Tribes, I can’t play it (“Whatchu Gonna Do When They Come For You?”)

I am fixing this bug right now, although it will likely be Wednesday before it is actually patched :frowning:

I’m not having any luck finding this fix. Must be using the wrong search terms or something. Where is it?

And was this part of one of the patches? I’ve got both Tribes and version 1.27, but have been having this problem for over a week that I know of.


That got it. Thanks.