Challenges gone, coming back slowly...?

So yesterday I went to check online and not a single challenge showed on any list. That was sometime before noon. After lunch there were maybe half a dozen challenges to All that were showing for me, dates ranged from Feb to current, seemed to be completely random what challenges were appearing.

As of right now I see about 50 total challenges to All. None of my previous Personal challenges have appeared, but new ones that have been posted to me or anything I post since this started are available. The challenges to All are coming back over time

I also see maybe 1/4 of my previously posted retaliations. These are also coming back slowly over time, but not a single old Personal challenge has reappeared.

Anyone else? Is there some folder I can clear the contents of maybe?

It sounds like maybe this file is corrupted:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles 2\web\challenges\challengelist.txt

You could try just deleting that. I can see all the challenges ok here.

Deleted it and now I’m back to only a handful of challenges to ‘All’ showing. Again they populate over time it seems like, I get one or two more every five minutes. I can’t see any old Personal challenges or any old one’s I’ve posted. They will probably start showing up, but man it’s really frustrating. I don’t want to re-install and have to redo all my ship designs but maybe I should…

After trying every other type of ‘soft’ uninstall I finally did a real uninstall through program manager in windows and deleted all local content. I couldn’t find any other way to get to a point where everything was reset. This did fix the problem, I can see all previous challenges now.

Weird. When you ‘refresh’ the challenges, it looks at that file, works out how many you have, and compares it with the server, then gets all the rest. In don’t suppose you had changed the date on your PC had you? that might have screwed it up.

Haven’t made any date changes no.