Hi guys (:

I noticed a cheat.txt in the game directory, but it was empty. What is it used for, and how?

Edit: So noone has any idea how this works or what it’s for?

No clue here…I noticed the file as well. If you want to cheat, you can just edit the simulation files to do whatever you want!

its used to do quick test of values in the game without altering any csvs. so if you add something like


then you start off with that skill.
That’s off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure it will work with skills AND attributes.

Well, I tried that. When I put in just #basic_physics,1.0 the game crashes after the twentieth birthday thingy. I tried it with " at the end and start, and I get past the twentieth birthday but it doesn’t show as a skill.

Same problem here with the crashing. I tried a couple of different skills, and each one crashed the game.

if you add [config] to the top of the txtfile it should work.


gave me a full bar of basic physics at the start of the game.

I tried that and it still crashed.

I’ve been having problems with this as well. For one, I can tell you that ekw’s suggestion doesn’t work as posted. I’ve tried it with quotes and all and while the quotes don’t crash the game, the skill doesn’t show up, even when you try to play through the game the first few days. I have a basic handle on coding/modding, but I might be missing something if it worked for ekw.

I’m still trying to play around with it to see if anything works.

I did it just as listed and it worked just fine for me.


What is shown.

This is under the name generator folder so my first assumption was that this document handled the generation of ai company names, am I wrong?

If not can you briefly explain these three lines? From first glance start and test are company names? But then it also looks like start spills into test connecting these two? The smallsecond confuses though.

I am new to modding but for right now I would just like to make a custom company name list to make my gaming experience a bit more immersive. Can anyone help me understand this? XD I feel like I am over-thinking it for a 3 line .txt document.

Sorry for the slow reply, hopefully I can help :slight_smile:

If you’re asking for new names for the Employers for jobs, then all of that is handled in the ‘jobs.csv’ file (found in Kudos 2\Data\Simulation). There is a column for “Employer” that you can edit. Every job is specific to a company so there is no ‘random’ Employer/Company list or any easy way to just drop in new company names.

As an example, the jobs.csv file has:
#,1156,kitchen_assistant_2,“chef,kitchen assistant”,Kitchen Assistant,Kitchen Assistant,Kitchen Assistant,Pasta Paradise,restaurant,food,basic,12400,14500,N/A,0,0,0.8,0.1,0,#,"_cleanliness,0.35","_sobriety,0.33","_energy,0.33",#,“food_hygiene,1.0”,“basic_cooking,0.35”,“italian,0.2”,

as a job. You can see “Pasta Paradise” in there. If you change that name you can change that job’s company name.

SomeGuyInABikini, would certainly work for Pasta Paradise… if unlimited pasta was the pay