Chrono bug report and other questions

In order to avoid endless battle, the game check for the score when no damages are inflicted during some time ( 1 minute, maybe ?). But it seems like this timing is still active when the game is paused : many times I paused the game to check all the damages received by my ships, and suddenly the battle ends, with no apparent reason. It’s very frustrating !

Otherwise, I have a request and a question :

  1. Would it be possible to save some scheme of orders for a given sort of ship ? I often use the same orders for my different ships, whatever the battle, and it takes a long time to give them each time I try a new fleet for a given battle.
  2. Are there some differences between each race’s modules ? It seems not, but I haven’t check all the details for each module.

Yep, I’ve had the exact same thing happen where I pause it and come back to find it telling me the battle is over.

Sorry to insist, but I think it would be very easy to correct that.

I can answer 2 for you - sometimes, races have different versions of the ‘same’ module, typically beam lasers, which seem to vary racially. Almost all of the other modules are either specific to one race (Alliance lightning beam, for example) or global to all races with shared stats.

You can check out the differences by going into the /data/modules/ folder, and looking for modules with race names in their name.

This will be fixed for version 1.07.