Minor Graphical Bug in Order Expansion

This isn’t a major issue, but at least one of the cruiser-size point defenses (Hi-Speed, I think) are drawn using a plasma cannon graphic for the turret. Is it possible that you entered the wrong variable for the turret model on the PD?

I’ll be checking the others in a bit, just to make sure that’s the only one.

EDIT: Yep, just double checked, it affects all the PD for the Order, both cruiser and frigate class.

Yeah, you are right, order.txt is pointing at the wrong graphic.

for a temporary solution:
Open Order.txt can be found \ Order \ data \ races \ order.txt

you will see 2 lines that read:
turret_pd_v1 = order_turret_pd1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,24
turret_pd_v2 = order_turret_pd2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,25

change them to:

turret_pd_v1 = order_turret_pd1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,22
turret_pd_v2 = order_turret_pd2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,23

The painter module is wrong too.

I think tribe might have problems with the same ones.

Yeap, in tribe.txt you have both point defence turrets pointing at the federation laser_v1 turret

turret_pd_v1 = federation_turret_pd_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,10
turret_pd_v2 = federation_turret_pd_v2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,10

I must be to distracted by all the explosions and zappiness to notice the finer points of the game