Colorblind mode?

I am personally red/green colorblind. I can’t tell red and green spots on the placement map apart when you defend. I looked in the option and didn’t see an option for it. I hate suggesting it because I like all the colors and graphics for the rest of the game. Even if it were little arrows in the boxes indicating where I can drop unit it and/or "x"s where i can’t would be preferable to straight up gray scale. Anyways (this being a first post and feels more like a complaint post) thank you for this game.

Hi. I’m not colorblind so I hope I understand this right, but I just played a game to check this out and here is what I observed.

When placing units in defense mode, there are basically four types of squares:

  • Squares where no units may be placed and which are not used, except as scenery. These do not have borders around them and are colored with a dim red tint.
  • Squares where the attacker’s mobile units advance. These have a border around them and have a bright red tint.
  • Squares where the defender may place infantry. These either show up with a bright green tint (if you are placing infantry) or look the same as the first type (if you are placing a turret).
  • Squares where the defender may place turrets. These either show up with a bright green tint (if you are placing a turret) or look the same as the first type (if you are placing infantry).

What I’m hoping is that the first category, the unused squares, don’t confuse you because the intensity of the red is very dim compared to the bright red/greeen used in the other squares.

If that’s true, then what is left to confuse you is that the turret/infantry eligible spots (bright green) look the same as the spots where the mobile units advance (bright red).

One solution to this, while not perfect, is to click the little arrow icon in the control panel on the lower left which will show arrows on the route of advancement that the mobile units take. You can use these arrows to distinguish between places you can put your defensive units (no arrows) and places where the enemy will be advancing (arrows).

I hope that helps.

I’m red/green colourblind too. Colourblindness is to do with a wavelength of light that we just can’t see - there’s a slice of visual information that we just don’t get, so talking about tints and brightness and stuff doesn’t really help, although I appreciate the attempt to help us out. The first category is what’s confusing me, because I can’t see the difference between the red of ‘no turret here’ and the green of ‘turret ok’. (I can tell where to put infantry though, as the bunkers and trenches make for clear visual indicators.)

It strikes me that it should be simple enough to change red and green to black and white, or shades of grey, or some other colours, without too much poking around in the innards of the game. Is it something suitable for modding-at-home, maybe?

I’m implementing it now. Is this better?

:stuck_out_tongue: i can definitely tell the difference now.

I am pretty sure that some graphic artist can change the color of the units to exclude this two colors.

I’m a bit late for this post, but this is the first time I see a game developer addressing this kind of issue. Big studios may just ignore it. CMIIIW.
Kudos to you Cliff. Thank you.

cliff, that fix is good EXCEPT on maps with snow on them, i can’t tell where to place turrets on snow maps.