Communication Improvement [MOD][+500 messages]

Hello. I have just joined and thought I would say howdy. waves
But more importantly.
I’m working on increasing the number of communication messages.
…and by working I mean I got distracted a few hours ago. When I should be doing more important things.

Why am i doing this?
In short.
Because its easy. :stuck_out_tongue:
In depth.
Because I think although the comms messages are a very tiny part of the game they really add to the feeling of gratuitousness (They also have a very nice sense of humor. Well done cliffski). Nothing makes the battle seem just that it more hectic when your repair teams complain they don’t have enough bolts, or a fighter looses his wing-man. They add humor, effect and are easy to add, as far as I am aware anyhow…
I think the main reason however is the fact that I am sick to the ruddy teeth of my damn fighters telling me they may as well have pea shooters. ¬¬

I have added about 500 new communication messages.
Thanks to Mackam08 for a bunch!
And here it is.

MOARComms3.rar (15.7 KB)

Extract to your main GSB directory.
(Uploader disallows .ini extensions, so i have to upload in a zip.)
Caution! this replaces, GSB/data/comms.ini
So if you are worried it will screw up, or you will hate it. Make backups. Because as my grandma once said “If your not careful just because your lazy, you deserve no more than death.”

Please let me know of any spelling mistakes. Although I spell checked, it may still have a few.

Question: Is there any way to add variations of commands? For example used to add equipment names into messages. (Like, Oh no the “Photonic capacitor” has exploded!) Just to add a bit of variation. Since I’m already fiddling about I may as well go the whole hog…

Whole, not Hole, for the duct tape one.

Of all the ones i could have displayed. I managed to find one with a mistake in it. Bloody typical ¬¬
Noted, thanks!

I made some myself, although there aren’t quite as many as yours.

Feel free to integrate them into your file:

0 = “There they are.”
1 = “Target spotted. Engaging.”
2 = “I see them, moving to engage.”
3 = “Target lock confirmed, proceeding to engage.”
4 = “I’ve got the beast in me sights!”
5 = “Target located in Grid X-477, Y-541, Moving to engage.”
6 = “Target located in Grid X-347, Y-649, Moving to engage.”
7 = “Target spotted. Lock s-foils in attack positions.”
8 = “, theres our new target.”
9 = “Target confirmed. They won’t know what hit them.”
10 = “cha yIghuS! … It means fire torpedoes you idiots! Dont you speak Klingon?”
11 = “Target spotted, tally-ho chaps!”
12 = “Aim for the pylons! Their photon cannons will go offline!”

0 = “Target Destroyed. Take that alien swine!”
1 = “That’s one more alien ship that won’t be going home. Good work boys!”
2 = “Another alien bites the space-dust. How many notches on the nose-cone is that today?”
3 = “Woohoo! It’s just like vaporizing aquatic life forms in a stasis-chamber!”
4 = “Those alien ships look so pretty when we hit their fuel tanks, don’t they?”
5 = “Ah, I love the smell of charred alien spaceships in the morning!”
6 = “Oh yes! Nothing beats your targeting computer confirming another kill. Target neutralized!”
7 = “Enemy vessel eliminated. Either that, or they have launched an impromptu fireworks display.”
8 = “Looks like that hit the spot. I’m going to be generous and not target he escape pods this time.”
9 = “He shoots, he scores! All are welcome to worship at my altar of marksmanship!”
10 = “Ahhhh, is there anything more satisfying that the feeling of vanquishing another enemy?”
11 = “Got him! Great shooting everyone, drinks on me after the battle!”
12 = “Too easy. Scanning for new targets.”
13 = “These upgrades make it almost too easy.”
14 = “Boom! Hullshot!”
15 = “Whats that? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.”
16 = “Hah! Just like playing Space Invaders!”

0 = “We are taking hull damage here!”
1 = “Holy meteor! my console just exploded!”
2 = “We have multiple hull breaches here. This is not a good thing.”
3 = “Hull breach! we have a hull breach here. Seal off this corridor!”
4 = “Looks like deck five just got a nice new open-plan design courtesy of incoming fire. Lets hope nobody was down there.”
5 = “We just lost deck six. Blast it! I think I left my wallet somewhere on deck six.”
6 = “There is a hull breach on decks three four and six. Good old lucky deck five eh?”
7 = “That last impact vaporized the ships galley. Looks like it’s take-out food tonight guys.”
8 = “Either someone just burnt their space-bagels or this ship is on fire, and I don’t think any of us even eat bagels.”
9 = “**** that last hit made me spill my expresso!”
10 = “Breach in starboard fusion chamber.”
11 = “Our fuel tanks just took a hit, we’re leaking anti-protons!”
12 = “Ensign , take this hammer and these nails, the airlock is on deck 2, spare hull plating is on deck 3, gogogo!”
13 = “She canne’ take much more Capt’n!”
14 = “Ensign, turn up that music, its more pleasing to listen to than the sound of the bulkheads decoupling.”

0 = “I’ve been hit! cover me!”
1 = “I just took a hit. I think the cockpit is on fire. Dang!”
2 = “My luck just run out, I just took some serious damage.”
3 = “Am I still here? Holy supernova that was a loud bang!”
4 = “I’m hit!”
5 = “Gah! I just got blasted. Good luck to the rest of the squadron! I’m toast…”
6 = “Looks like those enemy gunners aren’t as blind as I thought. One of them just hit me…”
7 = “My ships on fire. Darn, I always loved this ship too. Where is the ejector seat on this thing?”
8 = “I knew I should’ve signed that petition for more armour!”
9 = “I can hold it! #cutoff#”
10 = “No i’m alright-agrgaghhhh!”
11 = " pull up!"
12 = “I’m sorry , I can’t let you do that.”
13 = " do a barrel roll!"
14 = “, you’ve turned off your targeting computer, is everything alright?”

0 = “All our systems just went haywire here. Must be an ECM weapon.”
1 = “All I can see is sparks flying everywhere. This is not a good sign.”
2 = “Guidance and tactical computer systems are frozen. Some electro-magnetic pulse system just knocked it all out.”
3 = “Damn it! We’ve been hit by an ECM weapon, the coffee machines started spewing boiling lates everywhere!”
4 = “Electronic counter measure? Dont give me technobabble son, give me answers!”
5 = “Must be ECM, I tried to surf to the GSB website, but all I got was this video of Rick Astley.”
6 = “Sir, that ECM charge just reverted our internet to pre-broadband speeds!”
7 = "Oh crap our electronics just died! We were either hit with ECM or 's bit-torrenting anime again.

0 = “Whooah! I must be caught in some kind of enemy tractor beam. Help!”
1 = “I’m caught in an enemy tractor beam. I’m just a sitting duck here!”
2 = “, reverse shield polarity! It might get us out of this tractor beam! Oh snap, we dont have shields…”
3 = “We’ve been caught in a tractor beam, someone get out and push!”

0 = “We just exhausted this stock of repair supplies. Requesting resupply urgently.”
1 = “Ok that’s it. We have officially run out of spare nuts and bolts for repairs here.”
2 = “Repair supplies exhausted. Lets hope these latest welds last a bit longer this time.”
3 = “That’s all we can do with repairs. Try and keep her in one piece.”
4 = “We’re all outta repair supplies, if only that shippment from B&Q came in sooner…”
5 = “Not enough minerals. Mine more minerals.”
6 = “This is engineering, we’re all out of duct-tape down here.”

0 = “Holy space kittens! That blast wave just tore into us!”
1 = “Whooah! That must have been a shock wave hitting the hull. Try and keep her steady…”

0 = “All my weapons are out. I’m retreating from the battle.”
1 = “My weapons are out, I can’t do much good here. I’m heading away from the battle. Good luck guys!”
2 = “Our weapons are fused. We have to fall back. It’s over to you now. Good luck.”
3 = “We just lost our last weapons system. I’m setting course for home base now.”

0 = “We just lost shield stability! Hold on while we reinitialize the positronic inhibitor clutch.”
1 = “It look like our shields just suffered a major functionality shortfall. Standby…”
2 = “Our shields generators just jumped offline. It’ll be a while until we can kick start the system. Just hold tight!”
3 = “It looks like they have some way to destabilize our shields. We will do what we can to get them back online.”
4 = “Yup, the shields are destabilized. Working on rebooting them now…”
5 = “Our shields just destabilized! All im getting is a blue screen on the computer!”
6 = “Sir, something just destabilized the shields! IT recommends we turn them off and on again.”
7 = “The shield flux capacitors on deck 4 just blew out! It will take some time to stabilize shield intergrity!”
8 = “Damn it! That last hit just deleted the boot.ini file from our shield generators.”

0 = “Holy space-rabbits! Our shields just failed. Repeat… OUR SHIELDS HAVE FAILED!”
1 = “That big rumbling noise was our shield generators exploding. I knew we should have bought some more armor.”
2 = “Damn these cheap shield systems! We are defenseless now. I hope you know some evasive maneuvers.”
3 = “Holy asteroids! We just lost our deflector shield generator. Where the **** are the repair teams?”
4 = “We just lost the primary shield-systems. You better hope the enemy weapons can’t penetrate armor…”
5 = “Shields are down. If someone could take out the swine shooting at us, now would be a good time.”
6 = “There goes our shield generator. It’s back to crossing your fingers and evasive maneuvers now.”
7 = “That just took out our shields. That was pretty nifty shooting, you have to give them that, to be fair.”

0 = “Camouflage system activation process has been initiated.”
1 = “Initiating camouflage activation sequence. Lets see them hit us now. bwahahahahaha!”
2 = “Activate the cloaking device!”

0 = “That armor is too strong for us. We might as well have pea-shooters here…”
1 = “My weapons fire is proving ineffectual. That enemy armor is just too strong”
2 = “The target is undamaged. It looks like they haven’t skimped on the armor budget this time.”
3 = “Our weapons aren’t doing anything to that armour, its like watching rain bounce off a tortoise shell.”

0 = “Our shields are down to 25 percent. Requesting assistance.”
1 = “Shield status just dropped below 25 percent. Requesting some sort of back up plan…”
2 = “Our shield strength is under 25% now. I hope the admiral knows what he is doing.”
3 = “Our shields are below 25%. We can’t take much more of this.”
4 = “Our shields are nearly down. Does anyone have any spare shield generators? Are you sure?”

0 = “That blast just took our shields below 50 percent.Everyone stay calm.”
1 = “Shields are now under 50%. I much prefer it when the shields are above 50% Did I mention that?”
2 = “Shields are now under half strength. Even for a shields-half full kind of guy, this is not looking good.”

0 = “Structural integrity just collapsed. Get your ass to an escape pod…”
1 = “I’m pretty sure the ship is meant to stay in one piece. This is not good news.”
2 = “Holy Supernova! There goes our no-claims bonus. Everyone get to an escape pod.”
3 = “Pretty much everything here is on fire. Lets hope the escape pods are still working.”
4 = “Don’t worry, they couldn’t hit a thing at this dist…”
5 = “All systems are at critical. Evacuate the ship immediately. Get to minimum safe distance…”
6 = “We’re going down. On your feet ensign! We are leaving!”

0 = “Tractor beam engaged. Enemy ship slowing.”
1 = “Tractor beam crew report success. Grabbed that alien slime in our awesome tractor. Haha!”
2 = “Enemy vessel now caught in our tractor beam. Does anybody fancy taking a pot-shot at it?”
3 = “Ha! enemy ship caught in our tractor-beam. Not so speedy now eh?”

0 = “Initiating emergency repair procedures. Grab that spanner!”
1 = “This is repair crew alpha. We are starting to patch things up down here”
2 = “Repair team Gamma reporting. We have found our screwdrivers and are now getting to work.”
3 = “Launching first batch of repair drones. Get welding team!”
4 = “Ok, it’s time to see just how quickly these repair drones can weld…”

0 = “I think I just lost my wingman. … are you there ?”
1 = “Ouch, that didn’t look good for . You there ? ?”
2 = “Oh dear, I think I might have a vacancy available for a wingman. Any takers?”
3 = “Oh man… I think I just saw float past me in his spacesuit. That really is not a positive sign…”
4 = “Those alien swine just vaporized my wingman. I’m REALLY angry now…”
5 = “Holy Photon-beam, that looked like 's ship. He loved that ship too. He is going to be so cheesed off…”
6 = “Wow. You would have thought these ships would have lasted longer than that, wouldn’t you?”
7 = “Looks like just got nuked. That was his first mission too. That’s why they call him unlucky I guess.”
8 = “Thanks for taking that missile for me . ?”
9 = “Stay on target. Stay on target.”

0 = “Whoah, I felt that!”
1 = “Holy sunspots! That blast almost knocked me out of my cockpit.”
2 = “That was some impact. I almost spilt my beer.”
3 = “What the hell was that? A guy could get whiplash in this job!”
4 = “Ouch, either stop doing that or get us better inertial dampening systems!”
5 = “Intertial dampeners just went offline!”

0 = “Looks like the enemy has some sort of missile-guidance scrambling technology. dang!”
1 = “Our missiles are being neutralized by enemy guidance-scrambling systems.”
2 = “Whoah, look at where our missiles are heading. They must have had their guidance systems scrambled.”
3 = “Dang. I had hoped the enemy wouldn’t be able to scramble these missiles. Boy was a I wrong!”
4 = “According to the missile-tracker 2000, the guidance systems just got scrambled by some enemy gizmo.”
5 = “Either the enemy has some fancy missile-scrambling defense system, or we can’t make missile guidance systems for toffee.”

0 = “Open the blast doors, I’m here for emergency repairs.”
1 = “Requesting docking permission urgently, before this bucket of bolts flies apart…”
2 = “Coming in to dock. I’m running out of duct-tape here!”

0 = “I’m damaged and heading for the nearest carrier to patch this kite up.”
1 = “Standby with the hydro-spanners, I’m bringing this crate in for repairs.”

Sweet. I shall put those in when i get the chance!
Thank you kindly.

No problem.

I add to the list from time to time, if I make any new ones ill reupload.

lol interesting… i just decided to pick up homeworld 2 a few days ago XD

We ran out of sticky tape! to the hapzardly welded escape pods!

Fighter chatter

2X2L calling CQ . . . 2X2L calling CQ . . .
Stay on target . . . . stay on target . . . .
Just a little closer . . . .
Don’t break – just go through it, rook!
. . . fat lady . . .
16NL . . . pull up . . . . 16NL . . .
Collision alert!
Break right!
Did he say “Bogie”? Dumbass rook!
Not that one, the other one!
Laser short . . . . gotta head back . . .
Look ma, no wings!
Du doch nicht scumbag!
Check six, BB . . .
Number 23, back in formation!
Switch to arrowhead . . .
Next pass aim for seams, not solid plate, rook!
Power curve, Jojo, power curve!
Inertial lock confirmed.
Rip him up Bagger!
Hey, Stumpy, not so close with that thing!
SQN package set.
Where’d he go?
Fuel 221, thrusters 45.8 mark . . . .
Hell yeah! Make his brood host cry, Stenka!
. . . . Eat this, stalk-for-brains!
Got some ponga tenderizer for you, boy!
718 bearing W91 down 3
381 – Adjust! Adjust!
As a great man once said, “The conquest of space is worth the risk of life.”
Don’t bring a disruptor to a beam fight!
Plating fried, gyro sim fried, ablative gone . . . . crap!
Where the hell did he come from?!
Green 5 – chase him under, I’ll pop him from your 10:00 forward.
Stop painting me, Orange 4, or I’ll shoot you myself.
Let ‘em go. Freaking escort limit!
105 over up, 304 down left, hit it!
Chaff! Chaff! Chaff!



I updated this to be compatible with the latest version of GSB. Previously using this mod would cause crashes whenever you retreated or issued a direct order. This is because, having been made previous to the implementation of those features, this mod would overwrite even the vanilla comm lines for those actions with nothing. When a direct action or retreat was queued, it would search for a communication line, and, upon finding none, would crash.

This simply integrates the vanilla lines for retreats, direct orders, and limpet mines and appends it to the end of the original Communication Improvement comms.txt.
comms.rar (16.2 KB)