The UC mod!

Okay guys, time for me to get back to work on my Ultimate Compilation mod!

I will attempt to get everything that was posted in the mod compilation thread into a mod, fixing any bugs, balancing all the modules and ships, grammatical errors, and miscellaneous things like ship names, comm messages, ship sizes, explosion effects, sounds, well… you name the rest!

Work will start very soon. I figure Cliffski can make a whole game by himself, why not a little mod compilation?

P.S. It is nice to see that the modding community is still thriving, I hope to see more in the coming months!

And I do plan to include GSB Enhanced, with a whole bunch of upgrades and add ons. Kind of like going from Fallout 3 to Fallout New Vegas

Is great to see a compilation mod ^^ but from seeing the quantity of mods I’ve found around it will involve a lot of work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still filling the compilation thread, but I’ve got saved the links from every mod around the forum so if there’s anything missing I might remember you to add it :slight_smile:

I’m not against this idea, but you need to contact the creator of each mod if you want to balance them. Knowing that my mod is modified without authorisation isn’t a think I like…
(You have mine if you report to me the modification you does.)

Hmm, i think is a good idea, but i dont think u will be allowed for the original owners to change the balance parameters, since if a modder likes to mod, he should balance his mods by himself.

A lot of people started modding only a few months ago, and they only made 1 or 2 mods. But when u get exp in modding, normal thing is to change your old mods with better balance issues, almost i “work” on that way.

For example, yea it will be good to have all the mods out there balanced , but thats not possible for the simple reason a lot of mods are made with some unbalanced weapons on purpose, and in almost all of the cases the author will not let u to modify the original values. I have 2 mods but i dont want anyone to modify my mods for balancing issues, cuz after learning enough of modding in GSB, i know that i need to balance my mods in a present-future. And thats wat im doing, and i think all the modders do.

If u just did 1 mod and obviously u have not enough exp to be a great modder, its probably that u will never balance your mod. Maybe cuz u just dont know how to detect if if it is unbalanced, or u just want the mod to be like that without worrying about anything else.

BTW i see no sense in modyfing a mod made by someone else only for make balance changes, it is supossed thats the work of the mod owner…

What’s with this “authorization” and “allowing” of people to do things…?

If I wanted to modify and distribute a mod, nothing stops me from doing so. Some people may even like it better than the original and switch over; others wouldn’t. It’s a little contradictory to applaud cliffski for making the game easy to mod (and to organize our modding efforts on the forum), but then try to turn around and somehow limit other people’s rights to mod your derivative creations.

The ultimate compliment of a modder is when people play your mods. Slightly below that amazing honor, however, is the privilege of having others seek to modify your work, to incorporate it into your own mods, to expand on the work you started, to incorporate your amazing ideas into future projects, and recycle your material into something that keeps the game alive, dynamic, and evolving, to know that even beyond the scope of your little mod, you’ve contributed something to other players and even to future modders.

If your mod included a nifty new frigate design, and I decided to incorporate that frigate into a “really cool frigates” mod and other people who wanted cool frigates downloaded it, would this seriously offend you? Some players might find that more useful, and I can’t believe someone would take offense if others want to make their mods even more useful.

You’ve released a mod. It’s for others to play and judge and mod however they want to now. That’s part of the nature of modding in the first place, especially if its concepts were derivative to begin with. Take it for the compliment it is.

It’s here the problem, if a mod is modded by an other, is it totally remaining your mod?

I’m not against the possibility of a modder who mod my mod (It prove that the mod was enough interesting to do so), but I will not like if someone make a mess of my work just to integrate it in an other.
It here were I evoke the fact that, it’s better to know what it was does to it. Plus some modder don’t like someone touch their work so…

That is why I plan on including every AUTHORIZED mod in the compilation, and all of the mods will keep their original shape, they will only be modified to make it balanced unless instructed otherwise by the original authors.

At the moment, mod progress is very slow, because I have been busy with other things, but don’t worry, I will have everything I can together before Christmas.