Community Policing out of balance

This Policy is way to powerful. For a very small amount of money, you get large reductions in crime, and it makes the liberals practically giddy with excitement. It has no negative effects at all, unless you count the couple of pennies and a nickel you have to spend on it.

It has a wierd effect on binge drinking as well–If you move the slider very far to the right (and why not move it all the way since its so cheap and doesn’t piss any group off at all) it will end binge drinking in you society for good. It has a massively overpowering effect on reducing binge drinkings–It was so noticable that I looked up the whole thing in the games files and found that indeed, It has a huge effect, so large I wonder if it isn’t a typo.

I think this policy would be properly balanced if its effects were reduced (way reduced for binge drinking) and if it only made the liberals mildly happy. Or it should cost much more. I think it should be a cheap, but low impact policy, and I think that POLICE FORCE SIZE should be what primarily governs binge drinking.

personally I think that the community policing policy is fine as is, it’s logical for community policing to have a strong impact on binge drinking.

e.g. party down the street, but the neighborhood watch steps in and breaks it up.

I think you may be right that it is a bit too powerful, I know I always use it. I think the best thing would be a slight reduction in its power and an extension of its inertia. After all, community policing shouldn’t be something that stops immediate crime, but something that helps build community values over time and thus reduce antisocial behaviour.
I’ll adjust it

Theres nothing wrong with it. Like in life sometimes the most expensive solutions aren’t the most effective.
Lets say your a binge drinker and a police officer arrests you and puts you in lockup for being drunk in public or whatever, that will not solve a binge drinkers problem. Now lets say someone involved in community policing finds a binge drinker they are going to try and get them some help like counseling etc.

Well yeah maybe it is a bit too effective when reducing crime.