Conquest [Game mode]

Some brainstorming about a game type that could be implemented in this game (once again, understanding that most if not all such ideas are beyond the scope of beta->final work).

— Conquest:
N Factions, N Fights. Build a fleet and fight them in any order you see fit. After every battle you can repair all non destroyed ships and re-build a part of the destroyed ones with the parts floating in space.
Some considerations:

  • The repair is free but completely destroyed modules have to be re-built.
  • Re-building modules or even lost ships costs the usual price.
  • You still have whatever money you didn’t use on the first deployment.
  • You get 20% of all destroyed ships full cost, including the enemy ones.
  • You lose 50% of population of all destroyed ships.
  • You can buy pilots for an amount I can’t even come close to guess.